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The First Transparent Conquest email Marketing and Database Development program ever offered.

Transparency eMail is the First Transparent Conquest email Marketing and Database Development program ever offered.

In 2016 PCG Research exposed the dark side of conquest email marketing and Brian Pasch revealed how dealers were being put at risk.

After nearly 2 years in development Transparency eMail is now available. The program is designed to market to prospects in your geographic area and the target audience can be determined by several different variables.

Because email is a relationship building tool we utilize a 3-touch approach designed to build in-box familiarity and engagement.  The prospects will be send the same creative, but with different subject lines during the month.  The campaigns will contain several links and calls to action that will drive them back to your website and create clicks.

Why Is the Program Transparent?

Because the people who open the email, read the email and then click through to your website are then categorized as “engaged” and these warm prospects are given to you.

The benefit of the program is that we provide you with all the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Full postal record
  3. Email address

You now own that record and data, and it can be used for remarketing with email from your CRM or via direct mail. This information will also allow you to do an internal sales match-back that you can trust and believe.

How Does the Program Build My CRM Database?

When a prospect opens your email, reads it and then clicks through to your website we believe that they are a “warm” prospect.  In today’s world of mass email marketing, for someone to end up on your website is a clear indication that they have some level of interest in your product or service.

As part of the program we give you this data so that your sales team can continue to market to the prospect.  Our goal is to help you increase sales and by providing these warm leads we have seen positive results.  Email is a relationship building tool and it takes more than just one email to make a sale, so we focus on getting you mass exposure and then allow you to do the targeted follow up messaging.

On an average deployment of 100,000 mass emails you can expect to get 1,000 to 5,000 records to add into your current internal prospect database.

You Cannot Rely On or Trust Vendor Reporting.

Vendors can make reporting look and say what ever they need it to.  The biggest deception that they perpetrate on companies is when they do a sales match-back against the entire list of people that they sent the email to.

Keep in mind the average open rate is 10%. That means that 90% of the people that they sent emails to NEVER saw your marketing message, so how they can ethically take credit for sales from people who did not see the message? If you cross-reference 100,000 people in your market you will definitely come across people who bought from you, but it was not because of that email message.

Data Mining Is a Joke

Read full article here.

When it comes to email marketing don’t be fooled into believing that data mining is going to sell you more cars.  You can read the full article in AutoSuccess Magazine here or click on the Auto Success image.

The bottom line is that it is a numbers game. If you have 20,000 prospects in your database and the average open rate is 10%, that means that 2,000 people will see your marketing message. Or you can follow the data mining concept, take your 20,000 prospects and mine them down to 2,000 who are in market and send to them. Take the same 10% open rate and you have now reached 200 people. Numbers don’t lie, and they don’t explain the open rate impact. The fact of the matter is that most email vendors are not able to effectively mass market to your database, so they must find a way to reduce the numbers of emails sent.

Never before has an email vendor shared this data with a client. We all know that numbers can be manipulated, but with this data you’ll never have to question the reporting or sales match-back.

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