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The Stretch Bar offers an individualized and personal “one-on-one” stretching sessions with a trained experienced stretch professional. Do you know someone who could use a session?

Refer a friend who could use a stretch therapy session. If they come in, you will receive $100 in Gift Cards to your favorite retail and restaurant venues. We offer a range of stretch therapy options, so click below to see how we can help.
Get $100 in Gift Cards!
Refer a client and get $100 in Gift Cards when they come in!

During your stretching session, your trained stretch professional will lengthen your muscle system and help to reset the years of changes that have left you with reduced function, unresolved body pain and overall physical stress. These issues cause most back pain, hip pain, leg and foot pain, and many other lifelong issues.

We have found that what we can accomplish in a few sessions is more than you can achieve in months of stretching on your own.
Who should you refer?
  • Yoga Fanatics
  • Football Players
  • Dancers
  • Cheerleaders
  • Runners
  • Golfers
  • Tennis Players
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4520 W. Lovers Ln, Suite B in Dallas
The Stretch Bar | 4520 W. Lovers Ln, Suite B, Dallas TX 75209 | Phone: (214)696-3500