Success Story
Lasco Ford sells 250 units in a month with 190 average inventory and increases gross $400 a copy
See how LotPop helped Lasco clean up their inventory and increase Volume AND Gross

Does Your Dealership Struggle with these Two Things?
Don't Choose Between Gross and Volume
Most dealerships struggle with two things:
  • Not having the right people in place, or the people they do have are too busy to do everything that needs to be done.
  • Not having the right processes in place to get the results that are expected and no one to make sure they are done the right way.

What Does Lotpop Do?

Lotpop Owner and Founder Jasen Rice explains how it works.

"We have gone from 30 units a month to 90 a month."
J. Hodge - Owner, Ford dealership
Giving Back
Lotpop is committed to giving a percentage of our revenue back to our communities through organizations like Wounded Warrior Project and Compassion International.

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