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What do consumers want?
In-market auto shoppers are doing their digital homework. Auto video research is on the rise and mobile usage has increased 35% year over year.

The top types of videos auto shoppers search for include:
• Independent vehicle test drives
• Highlights of features and options
• Walkthroughs of the interior or exterior of the vehicle.
• Time spent watching these kinds of auto videos has DOUBLED in the past year alone.

See What Customers are looking for

Dealer Testimonial
“VehiclesTEST’s high-quality Honda videos help customers learn about the new features for each model, and also help customers learn right from our website. In additional it helps our BDC team build value in the customer's vehicle of choice by emailing the customer the video from VehiclesTEST. When they come to visit a salesperson they already know a lot about the vehicle, which is why VehiclesTEST is such a great tool. It’s not a Honda commercial and shows the vehicle in real-world settings.”
--- Boris Maksumov, Marketing Manager

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